The  Shop
100 Crewe Road Alsager ST7 2JA

Amazing 3D view of the Shop and Studio from the Summer

Chris & Nick of Realm Creative have taken an absolutely amazing 3D walk through of the shop.  Have a go!  It's similar to using Google Street View.  On your phone or touch screen just use your finger to travel through the shop.  You can also pinch to enlarge.  Also works on a PC by using the mouse.

Please note, this is an earlier view of the shop from the Summer.  Some things may have been sold.  However you can also check out our more recent Christmas Walkthrough on our home page. 

There is even a measurement facility that works in 3D for real - it actually measures the object, not the photo. So if you want to see the dimensions of a picture hanging on the wall to see if it will fit your living room, you can measure it !  Also works for pottery, sculptures etc.  Amazing or what !

So big thanks Chris & Nick 

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