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All About Us

We are Lorna Plant & Ruthie Williams and we are the two partners of Two Doors Studio.  We were part of the original 5 founding members of Salt Line Studio in March 2014.  In January 2016 we found ourselves the only remaining members and restarted the shop as Two Doors Studio.  We have been extremely pleased with how the new shop has developed and from all the support from our fellow artists and our wonderful customers.

We are passionate about handcrafting, quality and unique design, and we fill our shop with locally sourced handcrafted gifts and art work.

We sell our own work in our shop and also the work of over 90 other artists.  All our artists are known to us, and most are very local, and have been carefully selected to provide interesting and quality work.

Lorna Plant  

“I produce felted items such as bags, bowls, scarves and felted pictures. I work in willow to make sculptures and gift items.  I also love natural dyeing and have dyed bags and other materials in the shop”.

Ruthie Williams

“Following a career of ceramic surface design, I now produce prints & cards from my current artwork.  I also produce a range of jewelry including rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and studs in a variety of materials, including hallmarked silver, beadwork and resin.  Using decoupage, I decorate boxes and other items.”

We believe in:

Handcrafting:  all the work in the shop has been handcrafted.  Our artists spend hours and hours to produce wonderful items for you.  We also want to encourage everyone to handcraft and so run Workshops, to spread handcrafting skills.

Quality:  we have high standards for the shop and this is often commented on by visitors.  We all work hard to make sure it’s the best! 

Uniqueness:  everything in the shop is unique. The very nature of handcrafting means no two items are quite the same.  It also means that bespoke items can be made for customers.  We have a direct relationship with all our artists and can therefore talk with them on behalf of customers to produce unique items especially for them.

Local:  we pride ourselves on using local artists.  This means we have a real relationship with all our artists. They often pop into the shop for a chat, and to discuss their work.  Local artists also mean that the money spent in the shop stays local.  Buying from us means that you are supporting local artists and the local community.

Being friendly and approachable:  we love talking to people about crafts, handcrafting and art (and anything else!).  The shop is a vibrant place, and we have been really pleased at how it has become a real community of artists. We often talk with new artists who pop in and find we can give them advice based on our own handcrafting experience and the experience of selling things in the shop over the last few years.  We hope we have been able to help develop new and upcoming artists.

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