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What's new in the Shop & Studio ?

William Web - childrens and adults author from Kidsgrove.

Jo Hill - a wide variety of stitched lampshades, coasters, cushions and more! 

Chris Jordan - from Goostrey, leather & textile bags.

Andrea's Anvil - a Blacksmith from Mow Cop who does amazing things in metal. 

Ian & Jill from Middle Wich Crafts - upcycled items from all sorts of materials

Alice Heaton - from Alsager, hand blown glass vessels that sparkle with colour.

Melvin Fowell - from Newcastle, amazing ceramic pebbles/dragon eggs

David Townson - from Alsager has produced a Mine Craft designer help booklet,

Matt Buckingham - based in Alsager, produces vivid illustrations for his books & cards 

Frederick Philips  -  an Artist, based in the new Spode Works and living in Fenton

Gill McMillan  -  who works in porcelain and lives in Barlaston

Peter James - is a local 'lad' and hand carves walking sticks

Tina Perry  - produces Ceramic Sculptures in Church Lawton

Barbara Chadwick - creates Ceramic Birds in Manchester

Christopher Bell  - produces fantasy art and lives in Stoke

See below for a few of their items now in the shop

Chris Jordan

Andrea's Anvil

Melvin Fowell

Matt Buckingham

Frederick Phillips

Peter James

Barbara Chadwick

Jo Hill

William Webb

Middle Wich Crafts

Alice Heaton

David Townson

Gill McMillan

Tina Perry

Christopher Bell

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