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Introduction to dry soft Pastels 

Sat 21st March  1- 4:30  £35

An Introductory Workshop with acclaimed international artist Frederick Phillips. Pictured is ‘Sea Change’, one of Fred’s latest works using the dry soft pastel technique he will be teaching in this workshop. 

You will need to have (or purchase) a set of quality dry soft pastels (not oil pastels) for the workshop (see list below).  All other materials, including the special pastels papers, are included in the fee.

Booking is essential, please phone the shop to pay by card,

or call in to pay cash or card (tues-sat 9:30-5pm)

Sea Change - whales Original Pastels 2.j


This introductory workshop will include ALL materials such as various specialist pastel papers and boards, blenders etc.  However, the pastels are NOT included as some people already have their own sets, so please bring these if you have them. If you do not have your own set of soft pastels, then please consider the suggestions listed here.


There are many different types and qualities of pastels, but this workshop is about exploring the use of SOFT (not ‘oil’) pastels that are of professional or artist’s quality. Cheap pastels can be bought, but they are often not lightfast or may contain substances that could be toxic. To preserve the colour of what you create it is important to use ‘lightfast’ pastels and, as working with pastels can create some dust, non-toxic is important for health. 


Please purchase the largest set of colours you can afford; ideally, at least a set of around 20 general/mixed colours, rather than sets aimed at ‘landscape’ or ‘portrait’ art. Buying sets of ‘half-sticks’ is an affordable way to get more colours! Fred’s favourite pastels within a reasonable price range are:


REMBRANDT soft pastels by Royal Talens 

Amazon have these available in sets of general colours. Prices range between £14.99 to £25 for 15 full sticks but a set of 30 half-sticks can be had for about £26. Also, check pricing on Jackson’s and Cass Art as the latter currently have a sale on Rembrandt soft pastels.


NUPASTEL soft pastels by Prismacolor

Amazon have sets of these ranging from £25 for 12; 24 for £36 and 48 for £40.


Finally, Sennelier are good, but get half-sticks. And if you prefer the idea of working with pastel PENCILS rather than sticks, then consider Faber-Castell or Conte a Paris PASTEL PENCILS.

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