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Fused Glass

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Kids Fused Glass - Half Term Sessions

Thurs 20th February  Separate 1 hour Kids Sessions.
£5 per session (+ £5 per made item payable on the day).
Book 10am, 11:30am, or 2pm

Make a bug, make a flower, whatever your imagination comes up with. See our Web site's Workshop page for more information about Fused Glass.

A responsible adult must remain with children (minimum age 5yrs) and be prepared to help the child if required.

Note: at the end of the sessions, items made will be taken away by our tutor Angela to be fired (fused) in her kiln in Stoke and returned to the shop for collection within two weeks.

The easiest way to book, and reserve your place, is to pop in the shop and pay at the till, or phone 01270 877370 and pay on a card during open hours. tues-sat 9:30-5pm. Email us for further details if needed.

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Special Reactive Fused Glass Workshop

Sat 13th June 12:30-4pm  £40 + £40 for special materials


“Cause a reaction” Bullseye coloured glass is made up from a variety of basic chemicals. When some of the glasses are combined with one another, or with certain metal foils, the chemicals interact and produce special “reactive” effects.

These effects can range from subtle to dramatic and can prove quite versatile in your art and design. Learn more about the basic chemistry behind these effects and how to use them to enhance your work.

In this class you will look at samples of reactions between different “coloured” glass, why this happens and how you can create effects, using the chemical composition of the glass. You will then make your own samples, and a couple of coasters or dish using many forms of glass and foils.  Basic understanding of fused glass and cutting skills achieved at our basic Fused Glass  sessions are beneficial for this course.  

For all workshops booking is essential - call in or phone the shop (tues-sat 9:30-5pm).

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Further info for the Glass workshops

Fused Glass is a technique where you place pieces of coloured glass on to a glass sheet base to create an abstract pattern, or a picture. The piece is then taken by Angela to her kiln and fired. This makes the glass slump or fuse (much like cheese on toast!) so that the edges of the glass become more rounded and melts together.


Please note with the exception of the Kids Sessions, the charge for the glass materials used and for the subsequent firing of the made objects is included in the Workshop Fee, for the first object made.  If you wish to make more pieces or larger objects, a further cost may be necessary on the day. Full details will be given at the beginning of the workshop.

Don't forget - if you have already been to a Session, you can come along to another to make more smaller pieces or a larger piece - only this time you will know more of how to do it !  Some people want to make something which will take longer (a project), and you can do that by talking to Angela and coming along to several sessions to make your bigger piece.

Kids Sessions

We are also arranging special Kids Sessions in the Half Terms. In these sessions children can make a glass piece such as a Bug or a Flower.  Unlike the Adult Sessions there is no cutting of glass, but the placing of pre cut glass shapes - much like a mosaic.

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult, who must remain in the building during the session.  The adult can help the child if required (though most like to get on with it themselves !)

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