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The Twelve Days of Two Doors Christmas

We were open from 13th December all the way through to Christmas Eve 2016.  This was 12 days.  We thought - the 12 days of Christmas, there's a song in that.  So we rewrote the famous carol to incorporate some of the wonderful things we had on sale as gifts in the shop.  Enjoy !

On the Twelfth day of Christmas,  Two Doors sent to me:

Twelve vouchers giving,


Eleven penguins parading,


Ten reindeer leaping,


Nine lace shawls hanging,


Eight jugs for milk in,


Seven snowflakes swinging,


Six Angels swaying,


Five lots of bling,


Four ceramic Birds,


Three John Benn’s Pens,


Two woolly gloves,

And a Present

under the Tree !

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