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All items in the shop are handcrafted and local. 

We now have over 80 artists displaying their products and we know each artist personally !  

We were much busier in the shop over Christmas than we expected, nearly back to normal - which was nice.  We've had a good break, and have now fully re-displayed our windows and all the display areas in the shop. It's looking good ! Come and have a browse.

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New in the shop. Nuno felted scarves from Adrienne

New work in the shop

Thanks to our Artists, we have lots of new work in the shop !

New stock from:

Snail Pottery -  amazing shapes and colours

New books 
from a local writer, Louise King.  Hilarious and genuinely different. Comments and humour from the babies perspective. Only £7.99 !
from local writers JS & CS Weatherby 'Orphan to Pottery Manufacturer'. A well written history of the famous Hanley based Weatherby Pottery -  £9.95

Middlewich Crafts have produced interesting vintage old penny plant supports (3 for £15),  new craft cottages, and wonderful beach inspired jewellery.

Bluebell Jewellery - brand new local Artist for us. Amazing solid silver jewellery.

The Staffordshire Oatcake Company - again, new in the shop.  Taste of Staffordshire hampers.  The large Gift Box consists of 2 packets of 'make it yourself' Oatcake mix and 1 packet of 'make it yourself' Pikelet mix, their own breakfast tea, a Staffordshire Oatcake mug and tea towel. All in a beautifully presented box that can be kept. The lid design is by local artist Lisa Proctor and inside is a poem from Stoke on Trent poet @nickdeggpoet. £34.95 each. All together a unique Staffordshire gift !

Suzanne Bourne - a new Trentham inspired  'Midsummer Meadow' kit for you to try - £37.50 each. They are suitable for anyone with a basic knowledge of hand sewing, but can also be used as a starting point for those with more advanced skills to experiment.   The kit consists of - Printed fabric (approx 16.5"x21"), 7 colours of thread, over 200 embellishments, 2 needles, scrap fabric and practise thread. The fabric also has hand painted fairy wings and a few other sparkles!

Amos Forrester - new ceramic animals, each one uniquely modelled and decorated.

Snail Pottery

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JS & CS Weatherby

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Louise King

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Middlewich Crafts

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Middlewich 1.jpg

Bluebell Jewellery

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The Staffordshire Oatcake Company

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Suzanne Bourne

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Suzanne kit 1.jpg

Amos Forrester

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You can still view last Christmas's 3D Virtual Walkthrough

You can step through the shop (click on white circles on the floor), visit all the downstairs rooms, and even zoom in for a closer look.  Also click on the Blue Tags for further information.  Enjoy! 

Please note: because time has passed since these were taken, many items will have been sold and because they are unique and handcrafted will not now be available.  These Walkthroughs do however give a good idea of the type of stock we have. We will of course have lots of new items in the shop.  You will have to visit and browse !

Note: we also still have our Summer 2020 3D Walkthrough available on our Shop page, this also includes our upstairs Studio.