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Fused Glass Workshops by Angela

Two results from the 4 week Fused Glass Course

Finished Taster sessions student pieces

Angela is an experienced Fused Glass artist, and sells her work in our shop.  She also teaches Fused Glass Workshops and has run lots over the last few years.


Fused Glass is a technique where you place pieces of coloured glass on to a glass sheet base to create an abstract pattern, or a picture.  The piece is then taken by Angela to her kiln and fired.  This makes the glass slump or fuse (much like a piza topping!) so that the edges of the glass become more rounded and melts together. The results are spectacular!


Angela offers two types of workshop for us - Tasters and a 4 Week Course.  All equipment and glass is provided.


Tasters: this 21/2 hour course can be run as an afternoon or evening session. They aim to introduce people to the basics of Fused Glass.  After a short introductory talk you will start making a coaster or beer mat sized piece using a base glass sheet and off cuts of bullseye coloured glass to create your own fantastic work of glass art.  


When complete the pieces are taken away by Angela and returned to Two Doors Studio within two weeks to be collected.  The cost of materials used and firing is extra and is payable to the tutor at the time of course. From £4 for small dish or coaster. Larger pieces can be made with the price dependent on the amount of glass used.


4 week Courses -  these consist of 4 x 21/2 hour sessions - choose either afternoons or evenings. Attendees need to have been on the taster course so they have introductory knowledge and basic cutting skills of fused glass.


This extended course allows you to make a substantial piece of glass work.  The first week will be taken up designing your piece and choosing your colours. It is a good idea to bring any examples of pieces you have seen or liked, and drawings or photos etc. to this session. There are a variety of things you can make, using different kiln techniques.  Already this year people have made individual pieces to be framed, dishes, bowls and large sheet 'splash back' pieces for bathrooms or kitchen. You could make smaller pieces as jewelry, or a series of matching coasters or tiles.


Costs of the glass and firing are dependent on the size and colour used, and will be fully discussed with Angela before starting.  The glass will be ordered after week 1 ready for use in week 2.   People have been paying £40 upwards for their finished pieces (with large splash backs at £100+).  All participants consider their pieces good value for money for such unique works of art.

You can also make up your own longer course, by talking to us in the shop so you can string together several Taster Dates, enabling you to do a more substantial piece. Though you must have done an introductory Taster first.


Jewelry - normally a two week course.

Week 1:  discussion about what jewelry pieces can be made and techniques used including finishing off, cold working and findings that can be used.  Making pendants using bullseye glass and dichroic glass, cutting designs ready for initial firing.  

Week 2:  shaping the pieces using glass grinder, drilling holes where necessary. Finishing pieces ready for second firing ( fire polishing).  Attachment of findings of appropriate pieces.  


See the main workshop page for Angela's latest workshops.

Fused Glass Easter Eggs 1
Fused Glass Taster Jan16 -1
Fused Glass 1
3 Dichroic pendants
Fused Glass Taster Jan16 -2
Fused Glass 3
Fused Glass 5
Fused Glass 4
Fused Glass poppies
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